The plan

After our trip through the European inner waterways to the Mediterranean, we visited Morocco, the Canaries, and from there we sailed to West Africa.

In Cape Verde, we had to make a decision about where to go next. We had, of course, discussed this for a long time, and decided that the next stop would be Brazil. After spending 3 months in Brazil, we visited French Guyana and Suriname, before we reached the Caribbean at the end of the hurricane season. We will be in the Caribbean for the winter of 2019/20, and then continue to the East Coast of the US.

We hope to go directly to Charleston from the Bahamas, sail up the intracoastal waterway to the Chesapeake. Here, we will visit Washington DC, and continue on to NYC. We hope to spend some time in Nova Scotia, and finally in Newfoundland.

Further than that we can not plan right now. But currently we are just excited for this new part of the adventure!