The plan

“They are gonna sail around the world!” I overheard one of my colleagues explaining our plans to another colleague, and rushed over to correct him. Not around the world! Just to the Mediterranean – and then wherever we want to go. My colleagues didn’t see the difference, to them my plan somehow sounded pretty much the same as sailing around the world…

This conversation happened more than a year ago, and we are currently on our way, having sailed down the European inner waterways to the Mediterranean. We spent almost a month in Morocco before we continued to the Canaries, and from there sailed to West Africa.

And now we are in Cape Verde, at the end of our initial plan. So it is time to decide where to go next. Do we go back home, or do we continue across the Atlantic?

We have, of course, discussed this for a long time, and when we arrived in Cape Verde we were actually still unsure. We knew we wanted to keep traveling for another year, and we knew that we wanted to cross the Atlantic – but to where? We have now finally made a decision; the next stop will be Fernando de Noronha, a small Brazilian island, and from there we will go to the Brazilian mainland, where we will be spending 3 months. When our Brazilian visa runs out we will then slowly make our way northwards, visiting French Guyana and Suriname, before we reach the Caribbean at the end of the hurricane season. The winter of 2019/20 will be spent in the Caribbean, after which we will make our way up the North American coast.

Further than that we can not plan right now. But currently we are just excited for this new part of the adventure!

It’s been almost three years since Esben and I started talking about doing a sabbatical. To take a year off and go traveling before the kids get too old. Maybe in a RV in New Zealand, or backpacking in Asia. But then we started thinking about sailing. The intention when we bought Chip-Chip was never to go far. We chose a boat that was strong enough to take us to Norway or even Scotland for our holidays, but also small enough that we can handle the work ourselves, both at sea and during winter. Had we wanted a liveaboard sailboat we would probably have chosen one a bit bigger than 28 foot. Like everybody else.

But the thing is, we’re fine in Chip-Chip. And Chip-Chip is right there. The boat was maybe not exactly ready to go on an extended trip when we bought it, but still. I came across some blogs about people sailing from Germany to the Mediterranean through Europes rivers and canals. The trip is beautiful and also nice for kids (and adults) who tend to get sea sick. So this is how we started. Runa got a bit worried when “Ultra news” said that there’s a butter shortage in France, making problems for croissant bakers, but then Damien, my French colleague, told her that France have some of the best cheese in the world, and then she was onboard again.

We do not have firm plans for the route we want to take, but if you don’t dream it, it won’t happen, so we have made a preliminary plan above. The trip may end up being exactly like that, but most likely we will change our minds along the way. And that’s exactly what it’s about; to take the time for us as a family and enjoy spending time with the kids and exploring the world with each other. We’re not sure how long we want to stay away. As long as it’s fun – and as long as we can afford it.