First sailing weekend of 2016

We have really been looking forward to going sailing, but because of my arm we had to put it off for a bit. But last weekend we finally decided to head out. We packed everything in the car, and after lots of traffic around Hamburg, we made it to Årøsund at about ten in the evening. We had planned to start out bedding the v-berth so the kids could go directly to bed and continue sleeping. But when they realized where we were they became fully awake and stayed up until midnight. Continue reading


Despite of my broken arm, we managed to get Chip-Chip back in the water this past weekend with the help of my father. The crane arrived before 8.00 and left an hour later when Chip-Chip was nicely tied to the dock in the marina.

As soon as she was in the water, the kids were on board (Don’t worry, life jackets were on right after the picture was taken). Continue reading