Into the Kieler Kanal

We had gotten to bed at around 1 am and slowly woke up to the sound of – nothing. Most mornings somebody yells that they need to use the bathroom, or pick a fight about a toy, but for the first time in a very long time Esben and I would be spending this weekend alone, without kids. And how nice it was to wake up to silence. The night before we had driven Mattis and Runa to Esben’s father where they would be spending the weekend – and then we drove the two hours back to Maasholm where Chip-Chip had spent the last three weeks in the marina. Continue reading

Starting the long trip home

Since we bought Chip-Chip we have been wondering if it would be better to leave her in Denmark, right by the great sailing grounds of the Baltic Sea, go whether we would prefer having our boat near our home in Bremerhaven by the North Sea. Several of my colleagues have argued that the North Sea isn’t great at all for sailing, but we weren’t convinced. Continue reading