Social days in the Bahamas

Last year, we met the German kid boat “Salmon” in Mindelo. It’s a little bit mind blowing   to think that they have visited Newfoundland since we last saw them, while we have been to Brazil. And now we were all in the Bahamas; them up north, and us down south. But after a night and a day of sailing from Crooked Island to Georgetown, the sailor hub of southern Bahamas, we had a call on the VHF: “Chip-Chip, Chip-Chip, this is Salmón!”. Like us, they had taken an overnight sail (them against the wind), and soon we were anchored next to each other in the far end of the packet anchorage. So nice to see them again, and really, really nice for the kids to be able to play in their almost-native language. Continue reading