Luperon; stray dogs and sad news

We headed from Samaná to Luperòn on a very calm sea. Ended up motoring most of the way. As we approached the entrance to this very protected harbor, we realized how lucky we were that the seas were calm; even the very slight swell we were experiencing caused some big breakers on the coral reefs surrounding the entrance. We slowly made our way in without issues, and arrived in a completely protected cove littered with mooring buoys, making it near impossible to anchor. We tested a couple of moorings, which were completely entangled in long lines, and covered in growth, but finally found one which it was actually possible to use. At 2 USD per night we couldn’t really complain about the price, but we would have preferred to pay a bit more and in return have more confidence in the mooring – and more swinging room. This is one place where a small boat is a distinct advantage, the moorings are simply put too close together.


Breakfast en route to Luperon

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Los Haitises National Park, our favorite place in the Caribbean

We had planned to spent some more time in Puerto Rico, but given the earthquakes, we figured the best idea was to head directly to Samaná in the Dominican Republic. And we were ready to go when the weather forecast promised us a couple of days with relatively calm weather for the passage, before the next round of high winds and waves were to start. We began the trip in the evening, leaving Salinas as the sun set. Luckily, the weather forecast was right, and the sea had calmed down enough for a relatively calm sail through the night along the south coast of Puerto Rico. Continue reading