Even more sailing

After finishing our three-week trip onboard Chip-Chip sailing south of Fyn, Sjælland and in the Kattegat, Esben had to go back to work. But the Kindergarten and school was closed for another week, so I had signed the kids and me up for a one week sailing trip on Jensine, going with my mom and dad and a bunch of other people. Continue reading

 The Kattegat

In the two first weeks of our summer trip had been south of Fyn and Sjælland, and we were now ready to continue northwards. The trip from Helsingborg in Sweden to the island Anholt in the Kattegat was about 60 nm, so we opted for a fairly early start – it did, however, become around 9 before all last minute preparations were over, the kids were dressed and we were out of the harbour. Continue reading

Across the Great Belt and eastwards

After a week of sailing south of Fyn, we had been hiding from the wind and rain in Svendborg for two days, and were ready to move on through the beautiful Svendborg Sound. While in Svendborg, we ran into Finn, the former owner of Chip-Chip, who asked if we had gotten around to using the wind vane yet. And no, we hadn’t. I guess we first needed to get used to the basics of the boat – but now Esben was inspired, and while I steered northwards between Fyn and Langeland, he messed about with the wind vane. He pretty quickly got the servo rudder in the water, got the vane somewhat adjusted and was ready to check if it worked. Which it did, no fuss at all, and honestly, it’s pretty awesome. Now I could read Harry Potter for Runa while Esben cooked. Continue reading