Beautiful la Meuse

We had only just arrived in Hasselt, when the harbour master came down to suggest how we could tests the broken gear box – unfortunately we had already made those tests, which had made it clear that the problem was inside the gear box. Which sucked. Because it’s not easy getting it out, and we were gonna need some professional help. Continue reading

Runa schreibt: Baden, Belgische Flüsse und Zitadellen

Wir segelten von Antwerpen weg aber unser Motor ging kaputt und wir mussten zwei Wochen in Hasselt auf Ersatzteile warten. Ein Mechaniker hat uns geholfen den Motor zu reparieren. Jetzt wollten wir richtig gerne weiter, also segelten wir den ganzen Tag, nach Huy und da war ein Zitadelle. Ich habe bei den Schleusen geholfen. Continue reading

Starting the trip on the inland waterways; Antwerp and the Albert Canal

We arrived in Antwerp Sunday night, and had high hopes for an exciting Monday. But it turned out that almost everything is closed in Antwerp on Mondays. We took a walk through the old town anyways, and Mattis soon started asking questions about Jesus. At first we were puzzled about his newfound religiousness, but soon realized that it was due to the many statues of virgin Mary and baby Jesus. Coming direct from Holland, Antwerp really somehow had a very different feel, like we had arrived in southern Europe. Continue reading