Swimming with turtles in Tobago Cays

We had a one-night sail from Tobago to Grenada, and arrived in St. George in the morning after being hit by some heavy squalls in the early hours.


Dark clouds over Grenada

We had now arrived in the “real” Caribbean, and the anchorages were crowded. In South American we talked to all the boats we met, and the only place we saw more than ten boats in an anchorage was in Suriname. Here, there were hundreds of boats, and we felt like we had arrived in American suburbia. We only spent a few days in St. George, getting a new impeller for the outboard, and getting completely ripped off in the marine store.

Then we were off to the Grenadines.

The Grenadines is one of the more popular areas to cruise, with plenty of little islands, and beautiful clear water. We stopped in Union Island to check in, and then moved on to the iconic Tobago Cays. Here, the reef protects you from the waves, and you’re anchored in a beautiful little lagoon, with more turtles than anywhere we had been so far. We were lucky, and had two days with only little wind, making it easy to snorkel to the beach where the turtles come to eat. Runa and Mattis spent a lot of time in the water, and we even decided that we didn’t need to do school during our stay in the Cays – swimming with turtles and on the reef counts as well.

On the little island, we saw iguanas and our first wild tortoise, very cool. To stay in Tobago Cays, a fee must be paid for all crew members, but we were quite happy to pay, considering that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the less wealthy states in the Caribbean, and that they actually make an effort to keep the place as beautiful and pristine as it currently is.

From Tobago Cays, we moved on to Bequia to check out of the country again. Bequia is an old whaling island, and many sailors love the place. We, however, felt a bit overwhelmed by the many people trying to sell us souvenirs or taxi trips or whatever we would like. So after a couple of nights in the bay, we were ready to move on towards Martinique.

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2 thoughts on “Swimming with turtles in Tobago Cays

  1. You are so lucky being able to get that close to the turtles. Ours are very shy in the Sandy Straits and stay well away.


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