The “European” space capital

We have never been closed to a rocket launch before we arrived in Kourou, and we did of course want to go and the visit the space centre. Unfortunately, it turned out that kids younger than 8 years were not allowed on the tour of the compounds. So we decided that Esben would take Runa – he was the one who was the most exited to go 😉

Runa has written about the visit:

Dad and I went to the Guiana Space Centre. It was huge. We went on a bus around the centre because it was too far to walk around. They had several launch ramps and two control centres. It was boring driving in the bus because the trip was so long, and the guide only spoke in French. But it was fun to see the two control centres. The launch ramp is a big hole in the ground. It had a house, which I think can be moved around. I am glad dad took me to see the space centre.


In the afternoon, we took the car to visit the museum, which had the style of an 1980’ies superhero comic book. We walked through and learned about the universe, planets, stars, and to the kids’ delight, we even saw the drawing of Hayleys comet from the Bayeux tapestry. On the trip from Brazil to French Guiana, we had read a childrens book about the making of the tapestry, and it was cool to see that the rest of the world regarded the tapestry as important as well.

Halfway through the museum, they had built a LEGO station, where the kids were asked to build the Ariane rocket from LEGO. Such a good idea. It gave us a needed break from walking, and renewed our energy for the rest of the museum. Here, the exhibition was a lot more hands on, and we watched the “stars” through binoculars and had our imagination challenged in some strange shadow games.
The museum wasn’t very big, but we had a good day, and left with a new rocket t-shirt for Mattis.

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