One year on Chip-Chip in pictures

On the 1stof July, it was one year since we left Bremerhaven early in the morning, and set course for the Netherlands, the Mediterranean, West Africa, Brazil and finally, French Guiana. A whole year of living four people in a 28-foot boat. We have sailed 9220 nautical miles in that year and visited places, which we never dreamt it was possible to reach with our little boat. Below is a short summary of the year in pictures.


In the summer of 2018, we sailed from Bremerhaven to the Mediterranean through the European rivers and canals. We visited Amsterdam on the way, and took the mast off in Breskens, close to Antwerp, where we also entered the canals. We sailed through many locks, big and small, through bridges and even tunnels. And in the end we entered the Mediterranean close to Marseilles.

From Port Napoleon, we made our way down to Barcelona. Here, we found a marina in the middle of the city, and spent some days exploring this amazing place.

From Barcelona, we sailed to Mallorca, where we anchored, hiked and swam around this beautiful island. On the way to the Atlantic, we visited the monkeys on the rock of Gibraltar and looked across to our next destination; Morocco.

Once in Tangier, Morocco, we decided to rent a car and take a road trip in this beautiful country, so different from our own. We drove through cities, mountains and deserts, and spoke to many people who taught us about life in Morocco. After the trip, we moved on in Chip-Chip, and sailed down the coast to the town El-Jadida, where we anchored in the harbor, next to all the fishing boats.

We spent a couple of months in the Canaries, where we celebrated Christmas, had visits from home and where the kids met many new friends.

Next, we headed south towards West Africa, where we first visited Dakar in Senegal. Incredible to approach the African coast, wave to local fisher boats, and drop anchor in the bay in the middle of this big city. In The Gambia, we experienced incredible wild life and complete solitude as we sailed 300 km up The Gambia River. And in the city, we met Lalia, a girl whos school we have been sponsoring for the past years.

After a short stop in Mindelo, it was time for the Atlantic crossing. The trip went well and without any real problems, and then we suddenly found ourselves in Brazil.

We had been unsure if it was safe to spend time in Brazil, but we ended up loving our time there. Beautiful beaches and very friendly people made our time there special. From Fernando de Noronha, we sailed to Recife on the South American mainland, where we spent a long time. Later we visited several anchorages in the country; Maragogi, Itaparica and Morro de São Paulo to name the most important ones.

And then we sailed to French Guiana, where we are currently hanging out, waiting for the Caribbean hurricane season to end.


4 thoughts on “One year on Chip-Chip in pictures

  1. Are you going to go up the Erie Canal to Oswego then down the Saint Lawrence seaway? We did the thousand islands and Saint Lawrence 20 years ago and loved it.


    • We are planning to go up the ICW to DC, then on the “outside” to NY, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Saint Lawrence would be cool, but we don’t have that much time…


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