Crazy weather and beautiful landscapes in Mallorca

Finally we had enough wind to move by sails instead of by engine. Due to the last days’ mistral, the sea wasn’t exactly calm though, and since the wind was pretty much coming from the direction we were going, it became a pretty miserable trip from Barcelona to Mallorca. We started in the evening, to let the kids sleep most of the trip away. And while Esben got some sleep the next day after an uncomfortable night shift, Runa, Mattis and I slowly watched the mountains of Mallorca grow in the horizon. Late in the afternoon we anchored in a small bay close to Port de Pollença in the northern part of the island, surrounded by mountains. The anchorage wasn’t completely sheltered, as wind and waves came from different directions, but the clear water and sunny skies soon had us all relax and go for a swim.

When we woke up the next morning, a catamaran was anchored close to us. “It looks like Pilgrim” I said to Esben, who told me that it was an American who had arrived last night. “Are you sure? It really does look like Pilgrim – it even says Pilgrim on the side…” And it was indeed Pilgrim who had arrived very early in the morning, after changing course from Barcelona to Mallorca, and randomly ended up in the same bay as us. Runa was delighted to meet Jonas, who was her age, and the next couple of days were spent playing.

During the night the wind became stronger, and we didn’t sleep well, keeping an eye on the anchor. Towards the morning we started to relax, since we weren’t moving – which is of course when the anchor let go. Torben from Pilgrim noticed that we had moved closer to the beach when he was up and check on their anchor and came in their dinghy to wake us up – very much appreciated. We tried to reset the anchor, but the holding wasn’t great in the bay as the bottom was covered in sea weed, and in the strong wind and too large waves the anchor wouldn’t set. We didn’t keep on trying as the conditions had turned so bad anyways, and instead we set course for the next bay, which looked more protected on the map. As the sun rose, we anchored by Port de Pollença in very calm waters, and soon Pilgrim also arrived. Runa went to play with Jonas, while we went into town in the rain to have a look around.

Soon we ran into the crew of Pilgrim again, and we all decided to hike to the town of Pollença, 10 km inland. It was a nice trip through a hilly landscape – though we had to walk along the main road. Once in the town we found a place that sold sandwiches, and continued to the top of a staircase that had apparently been used by christians to have their sins forgiven. It was a beautiful view, but by now the rain became heavier, and as we strolled through the ancient town in soaked shoes, we decided it was time to take the bus back to the anchorage. The walk from the bus stop to the dinghies involved walking through rivers of 10 cm of water in the streets, and the dinghies were of course full of water. When we were back on Chip-Chip it was pretty obvious that it was time for hot chocolate!

Once the weather calmed down, we wanted to move on. As the winds would be from the east, we chose to go down the west coast, where the anchorages would be more protected. We chose to go to a cala, next to the Torrent de Pareis, where two streams entered the sea, and which some say is the most beautiful cala in Mallorca. Since we haven’t seen many places in Mallorca, we have no way of knowing if this is true, but it was certainly impressive as we steered in between some tall cliffs dropping a couple of hundred meters into the water, and with clear blue water begging for us to jump in.

During the night, the wind picked up and it rained heavily again, but it wasn’t until the next morning that news came in that the rain had caused flash flooding in the eastern part of the island, with several people drowning. Scary – and we got several worried sms messages from people at home, asking if we were okay. Since everything was calm in our little cala, we decided to make a small trip to land, where to streams entered the sea. And it seemed that swimming in was a good idea. It turned out that the water was very cold, since the water from the mountains was cold. We reached the shore, which was full of stones, so it was a bit difficult to walk, but the scenery was stunning, and the hike along the streams would have been a good activity if we had not been anchored in the cala. The place is one of the most visited tourist spots on Mallorca, and soon people started coming to visit, sending us strange looks as we walked around in our bathing suits. But we thought it was a nice morning trip, though we will make sure to bring shoes the next time we visit.



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