A spot in Barcelona

We motored down the coast over night to get to Barcelona before the mistral once again hit the coast of Port Lligat where we had been moored for the past few days. This time Runa and Mattis decided to join me in the cockpit, while Esben tried to get some sleep. Spending time in the cockpit might not sound remarkable, but for Runa it is, as she is normally lying in her bed throwing up in the beginning of an overnight sail. But this time we had a nice evening together, and as the kids woke up the next morning we could point out landmarks like the Sagrada Familia, as we were approaching the city of Barcelona.


On our way south

From what we had heard, marinas in Barcelona were crazy expensive, but once we started checking prices, it turned out that we could moor in the yacht club right in the center of the city by the rambla for 16 euros per night. And this even included a pool to the joy of the kids.

Once we were properly moored, it was time for a stroll up the Rambla. There was no lack of restaurants with a spot ready for us, but we preferred seeing how the painters made their more or less life-like portraits along the street. Later we continued down the small streets of the Gothic Quarter, where we could buy ceramics, tapas, beer and much more.

Once again, Spain turned out to be about the big artists. We walked through Barcelona to get to the huge Sagrada Familia, which we all found impressive and even beautiful, to our surprise. We walked around the church with all the other tourists, and tried to identify the different towers and facades. We talked about the life of Jesus as was depicted on the church, and about some of the numerous christian symbols on the church. And when we came back to Chip-Chip, we actually started reading the new testament for the kids, to get the story straight.

Another artist associated with Barcelona is Pablo Picasso, and we decided to visit the Picasso museum in the Gothic Quarter. Here, his works are presented chronologically, and we were impressed to learn how early he started as a real painter. Also we got a good understanding of how he worked, painting almost the same painting again and again with small changes until he was happy with it. The kids did great in the museum, and once again learned that the famous painters are not necessarily the ones making the most life-like paintings.

The days in Barcelona went by fast, with visits in the city, swimming in the pool in the marina at least once per day, school work and a visit to one of the many tapas restaurants to taste the food of the city. We really, really liked Barcelona, and felt incredibly privileged to be right in the center of this place, with easy access to everything. And it turned out that October is a great time to visit, with perfect temperature and hardly any wind – despite of the strong winds we knew where present not far north from us. But after a few days we started preparing for the next destination; Mallorca.


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