4 weeks to go

Suddenly the calendar says that it’s June, and things are getting hectic in our house. We started packing a while ago. Some things will come with us on Chip-Chip – but most either goes into storage or it is being sold, donated or thrown away. At this time we have about 10 moving boxes in our bedroom, and we have already sold things like the cross trainer, old sails, an old water tank for the boat, one of the guitars etc. And somehow, I find it really great when people come and get our old stuff for free (at least the things we would never be able to sell) – so happy that things will be used again instead of being thrown away.

So far, we have always said to Runa and Mattis that they don’t have to worry about leaving yet, there’s still plenty of time for us in Sellstedt. But now they just have three weekends left, not leaving much time for play dates. We are planning to have a goodbye party with everybody from here, and hopefully they can stay in touch with friends through facebook/whatsapp/imessage/this site.

We have slowly started to sort their toys. Some things they definitely want to bring, but a lot they are not sure about. So now I have asked them a couple of times to give me one item they don’t feel they need to bring, and hopefully we can get down to a few things to take with us. Luckily they do actually only play with lego, some stuffed animals and Schleich horses. So in reality, they will be fine even though space is limited.


New school books have arrived

Chip-Chip finally went back in the water after a lot of work this winter. And with some glitches, the mast is also back on – the boom still needs a bit of love though. It’s amazing how different it feels to be in the boat in the water compared to on land. Now we just need to get the new sails on so we can actually go sailing, and not just work on the boat. We have cleaned up so it doesn’t look like a tool shed anymore, and slowly we can actually start packing in the boat. Last weekend Esben spent a night on Chip-Chip when he was home alone, testing the new refrigerator and taking all the mattresses back where they belong.


Now we just need a boom and a couple of sails

Esben has gone away for the last time to work in the UK, and on Friday he will be back – only possibly leaving to go to Denmark to work for a day or two during the next couple of weeks. At least this is something the kids are really, really happy about. I, on the other hand, will be working until the day we leave – and come back in August to finish up work. Most people don’t seem to understand why we choose to do it like this, but it does take some pressure away as I don’t have to finalize our life in Germany now while also finishing up my work – plus the little detail of my contract ending on the 1st of Septemer. But still, I am super busy at work of course. And at the same time getting really sad to leave – I have some very good colleagues I would have liked to keep seeing every day.


We have bought many things – maps are pretty exciting


2 thoughts on “4 weeks to go

  1. Great to see your plans shape up with your lovely GD28.

    I thinkyou have changed the Hasler type wind vane to an Aries. Does this work better than the Hasler? I am considsring fitting an Aries on my GD, Eole of Whitstable.

    Happy sailing and best wishes,

    Peter Yerbury.


    • Hi Peter, we never had a Hasler, so not sure. But we have a picture of Chip-Chip with our Aries from 1980, so the Aries for sure holds up quiet well! I think the Aries is fairly heavy actually, and if we had bought a wind vane ourselves we would probably have gone with a lighter type, like the monitor, which can also be used as an emergency rudder. But then again, the Aries works perfectly for us…
      Good luck with your boat – always great to hear from other GD28 owners 🙂


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