About storage

Since we bought our Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine to make new covers for the mattresses, I have sewn just about everything you can think of – even a tool box. But usually I don’t take it that far. Mostly I try to sew things that will help us keep our stuff organized in our, after all, limited room on board.

One way we use to save space and keep everything under control in Chip-Chip is to sew small, simple bags, kinda like packing cubes, for things like toys, underwear, socks, hats etc.

I was asked for the recipe, so here it comes.

Cut out the fabric

To sew the cubes, one large square of fabric is needed for the cube itself, and two small ones for the handles. To get the size of cube you would like you should cut like stated below.

Length = Length of cube + height of cube + 1cm

Width = 2 x width of cube + 2 x height of cube + width of zipper

As an example, I like to make them 30 cm long, 14 cm wide and 8 cm high. This would give a size of:

Length = 30cm + 8cm +1cm = 39cm

Width = 2 x 14cm + 2 x 8cm + 3cm = 47cm

So for this I cut a square of 39 x 47 cm.

In addition I like to put on a handle in each end. For this you need to cut two squares of approximately 7 x  25 cm. This would give a handle that is 3cm wide and 12 cm long when finished.

Mount zipper

The zipper needs to be sewn on to the length-side of the fabric, in my example the one that’s 39cm long. When you’re done you have a tube.

Finish bag

The next step is to close both ends – remember to fold the handle and put it in by the zipper. To make the bags squared, I finally stitch vertically at the ends – difficult to explain, but hopefully the pictures below help.

And voila! One little cube is finished.

I have made loads of these – small ones like the ones on the pictures, and bigger ones that hold all of the clothes for Runa and Mattis. Hopefully they will come in handy when we’re underway.


4 weeks to go

Suddenly the calendar says that it’s June, and things are getting hectic in our house. We started packing a while ago. Some things will come with us on Chip-Chip – but most either goes into storage or it is being sold, donated or thrown away. At this time we have about 10 moving boxes in our bedroom, and we have already sold things like the cross trainer, old sails, an old water tank for the boat, one of the guitars etc. And somehow, I find it really great when people come and get our old stuff for free (at least the things we would never be able to sell) – so happy that things will be used again instead of being thrown away.

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