An old sailboat in the snow

Thursday morning, Bodil was shoveling snow on the deck of Jensine. Crazy really, considering it was easter in Denmark, and usually the spring flowers are starting to peek out from the dirt. But this year it had snowed during the night – a snowfall that meant that Esben and I had to drive with a speed of 60 km/h from the Elbe until we hit the highway, and eventually arrived in Årøsund at 2am the night before.

A number of people from Jensine had made their way to Årøsund, and though the weather wasn’t exactly perfect for painting, most people started on some work. Esben and Ernst worked on some electrical stuff that only they understood, Brian was in the engine room with Ole, Bodil was scraping paint of the railing. And other people were doing other things that I didn’t see. And me, I was the babysitter. As it was Runa’s birthday, Anne had brought her kids to our circus, while Kathrine had brought her daughter Ingeborg. So the kids were running around playing both inside and outside, while we were keeping an eye on them at the same time as food needed to be prepared for everybody working on Jensine. Runa had wished for hotdogs for her birthday dinner, and luckily, hotdogs were served for lunch that day!

After dinner we had the opportunity to go the last Danish factory making a traditional paint that we will in the future be using on Jensine. It was very interesting to see the old machines they used and hear about the process of making the paint. They had so many beautiful colors that it’s almost a shame that Jensine just needs grey and white. We got a quick course in applying the paint, so Jensine ought to look great in the future.

We all had dinner together, and soon everybody were ready for bed. Kathrine and Ingeborg even chose to camp in the car despite of freezing temperatures. But on Friday, the weather was much! better, and the painting could begin. Even more people showed up, and together they (not me, I was still the babysitter…) got Jensine ready so she could go back in the water as planned on Saturday. Esben, of course, made sure to make some pictures of the progress.

And Esben couldn’t resist and made a small video of Jensine getting back in the water. The kids were on board, and as Jensine made it out of the harbour to turn around before docking, Dicte got a bit worried that Jensine would be making a longer trip with the kids on board. But they got back before mum and dad came to pick them up, so no panic.

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