Deutsches Schiffartsmuseum

Every time we go to the city centre of Bremerhaven, we pass by a large submarine in the harbor. And every time we pass, Mattis yells “I want to visit the submarine!” Visiting is actually straightforward, as it’s part of the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven, but somehow we never made it – until now. Continue reading

Arctic ocean modelers in Woods Hole

A whole delegation from AWI met at the airport in Bremen on a Monday morning in November, heading to Boston in Massachusetts. After a hectic stopover in Munich, we entered the transatlantic flight one minute before takeoff, and could relax for the next 7 hours. Continue reading

Night sailing

Sailing in the Danish Belt Seas is really nice and easy, usually with day sails from island to island. But I have been doing that type of sailing with my parents for many years, and still do. So this summer we were ready to go a bit further. We actually wanted to cross the North Sea and go to Scotland, but the weather put those plans on a hold. Our backup plan was to go to Bornholm. Preferable directly from Kiel Holtenau to Bornholm, without stops on the way. We figured that this way we would get much further much faster – and Runa would be able to sleep some of the way instead of feeling seasick. Continue reading