Starting the long trip home

Since we bought Chip-Chip we have been wondering if it would be better to leave her in Denmark, right by the great sailing grounds of the Baltic Sea, go whether we would prefer having our boat near our home in Bremerhaven by the North Sea. Several of my colleagues have argued that the North Sea isn’t great at all for sailing, but we weren’t convinced. Continue reading

Testing the old life raft

Chip-Chip has previously sailed as least as far as the Azores, and came with a lot of stuff when we bought her, including a life raft. Only problem was that the last service was carried out in 2000… We decided to put it to good use by inflating it so both we and the kids had a feel for how it works if we ever have to enter the life raft while at sea. Ideally we would have liked to do it while anchored so we could have tested climbing into the raft, but that just wasn’t practically possible, so we did it in the garden instead. Continue reading