Despite of my broken arm, we managed to get Chip-Chip back in the water this past weekend with the help of my father. The crane arrived before 8.00 and left an hour later when Chip-Chip was nicely tied to the dock in the marina.

As soon as she was in the water, the kids were on board (Don’t worry, life jackets were on right after the picture was taken).


I washed the mast and treated it with Hempel’s alu protect, but to reassemble the rigging Esben lent me his two working hands.

And finally, the mast was back on Chip-Chip.

Now she is moored in Årøsund for some weeks, ready to go sailing. But while we’re waiting for my arm to get a bit better, work is being done with the electricity and Esben is working on putting in new water hoses for our drinking water.

3 thoughts on “Afloat

  1. Great Blog and informations, really nice to read. I hope the five of you will enjoy sailing Chip Chip this season despite the accident.
    Our Libertè is currently moored in Warnemünde and I look forward to warm my wife and kids for sailing.


    • Hi Christian,
      glad you enjoyed reading – we are also considering taking Chip-Chip to the Germany part of the Baltic in the fall, but probably rather Flensburg. Makes it a bit easier to get to for us.


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