Buying Chip-Chip

In the fall of 2015 I started looking at boats online. Slowly I figured out what type of boat we wanted. First of all not too big and not too expensive. Since we had never had our own boat before we didn’t know if we would like it, so we didn’t want to throw too much money after a boat we were gonna sell again anyways. Also, smaller is easier to handle for two adults. Also, we would like 5 berths and the possibility to close off the v-berth so the kids can be put to bed at night and fall asleep in peace. Since there’s four of us, an extra berth would mean that we could invite somebody else to come along sometimes. And I prefer having a head (or toilet), for obvious reasons. And an inboard motor in good shape, making it possible to sail around Bremerhaven, in the North Sea, where we live without being afraid that the speed is controlled by the strong currents rather than the motor. Continue reading

Moving to Northern Germany

Renovations are going on all over the city of Bremerhaven, but for Germans, Bremerhaven is still pretty much synonymous with unemployment and high poverty rates. I didn’t know anything about that when I was finishing my physical oceanography studies in Gothenburg and started looking for a job. At the time, Esben was already working abroad most of the time and we had our one-year old daughter to also consider. As Esben is somewhat free regarding his home base, I could look for jobs outside of Denmark, but because of our daughter Runa we preferred to not be within driving distance from Denmark.   Continue reading